Let’s Do This! Making Your Personal Yoga Practice Happen

I reached a wonderful milestone recently. I completed the journey of publishing my first book – a compilation of 30 plus years of learning and loving yoga!

This happened to coincide with another turning point in my life. The transition away from my teaching practice and long-time students here in Sedona, Arizona. After 15 years, my husband and I have decided to make a change and a new home in Prescott – another northern Arizona community one hour away. Fortunately, my farewell synchronizes with the launch of my new book. So with a sad departure comes a happy arrival – how fitting! 

After thinking on how I can make this transition easier for me and for my students, I’ve decided to introduce a weekly series here on the blog to compliment the book’s format. Yoga Posts: Building a Steady Yoga Practice One Week at a Time, was designed to help establish, support and fortify a habitual, personal practice based on the entire eight-limb system that is yoga.

Since the book was founded on the posts created here in this blog (thus the title Yoga Posts), I will be offering a supplementation of the book’s weekly practice challenges. I hope to provide some additional information for each chapter and welcome others to share their thoughts and discoveries as we progress, together, through a year long study of the book. I would love for these posts to be a springboard for discussion – like a book club of sorts. 

And so, I begin again, afresh. Remembering the words that started this blog in 2016: “This will be a vehicle for motivation and a tracker for my own yogic journey in hopes of keeping my dedication to the teachings and the connection with my students alive and strong.” Same purpose, ever ardent, nearly four years later.

I will embark on this project beginning next Sunday, November 10th. For those of you who would like to follow along and do not have a copy of my book, you can click the link in the menu above to access it in either paperback or kindle format. I look forward to this new adventure!

Namasté,  Kim


23 thoughts on “Let’s Do This! Making Your Personal Yoga Practice Happen

  1. Susie Engdahl

    Nice to see you are inspired to continue the change in a positive and giving way. So…they say when one door closes, another opens. You still have much to share, it would be sad to keep it to yourself. The journey has not yet ended. Thank you, Susie


    1. You are truly a yoga master, Kim. Through my many years of yoga practice, you are the best instructor and yoga mentor. Your knowledge, intuition, and caring were evident with each interaction. Your book is a welcomed extension of your gracious expertise. Your Sedona yoga family will miss you. However, you will always be present with us with each Namaste.



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