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Empowered Yoga Mala

This is a handmade Mala Necklace that contains 108 beads plus a single guru bead. Its high quality, hand knotted purple cord is strung with a combination of 8 mm Chryscolla and Lava stones. Chryscolla is a blue-green mineral stone made of copper and often found in association with Malachite and Azurite. Chryscolla is a stone of empowerment and communication – specifically assists with teaching and business dealings. Lava is molten rock that emerges from deep within the earth and solidifies as basalt stone. Naturally, it is primarily known for its grounding properties. It is also characterized by its ability to calm. This stone’s porous quality serves well as a medium for applying essential oils. The turquoise yarn tassel is approximately 2.5″ long and connects to a 12mm Chryscolla guru bead. This unique, one of a kind necklace comes in a satin storage bag and is ready to ship via USPS in 1-2 business days.