Yoga Class Info

Upcoming 10:30 Small Group Sessions

December 12th  NO CLASS

December 14th  CLASS FULL – [TW, LR, KW, NM, JB, BC, BR] 

Moving the Energy Upward (props: blanket & block)

December 19th  [BR, KW, BC, JB, NM]

Honoring the Heart (props: 2 blankets, block & strap)

December 21st  [BR, NM, JB, BC]

Opening Further (props: 2 blankets, block & strap)

December 26th  NO CLASS

December 28th  [BR, NM, BC]

Moving with Confidence (props: blanket & block)

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All Yoga By Design classes are prearranged by small group or privately in Sedona, Arizona. Please contact instructor, Kim Luyckx, to schedule an appointment.

2017 Class Sequences

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Dec 7 Exploring Yin Yoga

Dec 5 Finding Attention thru Alignment

Nov 30 Cultivate Evenness

Nov 30 Introduction to Nadi Shodhana

Nov 9 Root Into Autumn

Nov 7 Ease Into Twisting

Nov 2 Inner Core

Oct 26 Rebalance the Head

Oct 19 Bridge to Shoulderstand

Oct 5 Watch Your Step

Sep 14 Side Body Openings

Sept 7 Postural Alignment – Part 2

Aug 31 Postural Alignment – Part 1

Aug 24 Sacrum Stabilization

June 15 Passive Openings

June 8 Quads Psoas Support

June 1 Sustain the Shoulders

May 18 Leveling the Body

May 4 Finding Balance in Transition

Apr 27 Preparing for Back Bends

Apr 20 Yin Yoga Organ Flow

Apr 13 A Joint Effort

Mar 16 Warrior Yoga

Mar 2 Maximize the Glutes

Feb 23 Compassionate Vinyasa

Feb 9 Sequence for Soothing & Detoxing

Feb 2 Cultivating the Core

Jan 26 Restoring the Mind

Jan 19 Restoring the Upper Body – Part II

Jan 12 Restoring the Upper Body –  Part I